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Sep. 13th, 2013 08:33 am
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I haven't been eating enough; I'm shrinking physically, my breasts hollowing a little bit to what I consider their normal size, my belt suddenly another notch too small. I hadn't been eating well; broke and not wanting to go home to where all my food was, that's how it fell out.

Payday happened yesterday, and a counselor's appointment (free through work benefits, my boss doesn't even know) with someone I really hit it off with and now I feel super encouraged about counseling in general. I'm hopeful that I might not have to figure out my hard stuff totally all on my own, with no way of differentiating good from bad resources. The dude actually laughed when I said funny things, or winced when I said painful ones, and answered thoughtfully when I looked him in the eye and said, "do you honestly think..."

Then the rest of my tattoo got lined on. I had thought I'd feel a little sad to look in the mirror and know I'd never see my body free of those lines again, maybe a bit wistful for it sometimes. Right now, I look at myself in the mirror and feel complete. When my shirt rides up by my waist, my body reminds me "a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; a time to rend, and a time to sew". When I wear short shorts, or a short skirt, it tells the world "and enjoy the good of all his labor, it is the gift of God".

How can that not make you feel complete?

I have been reconnecting with so many friends. So many! Crushy architect okcupid boy is keeping himself pretty busy, which is good; I'm not resealing myself to one person. I am migrating back to my dear friends, to my heart, to my web; I feel so loved and people are so gentle to me and so caring. I feel lonely and weird pretty frequently, but I can more or less always text someone if I don't want to sit with that feeling and they will respond.

And some people (like you reading folks who responded) just spontaneously be nice to me. Seriously, guys, it's like being wrapped in the strongest cocoon ever.

So I know this is the crest of a wave. I haven't been sleeping well; date with okc boy followed by a night in the livingroom (Blake didn't want to sleep beside someone who was tainted by the touch of someone else, I suppose) and then another last night. This morning he came out of the bedroom and said I could sleep in the bed with him if I wanted. I do want, but it wasn't the time or place for me to have a discussion about how I had every intention of being an icky dirty slutty slut slut and having sex or sex-like encounters with my friends on and off as I felt like it, and did he want me to disclose that before I took him up on the offer?

My sex drive has apparently woken up. Not surprising, I guess, that it wandered off after being poked by a painful stick whenever it stepped out of line (and honestly, mine is always out of line). Gonna be a challenge to keep it pointed in productive, non-harmful directions. I've gotta remember my pretty fantastic options for lovers are mostly available to me now and not automatically cross them off the list because it's too much hassle to come home to a sad house after.

Um, but I did eat well yesterday, and the plan is to find somewhere better to sleep than my livingroom tonight (Taoshi the rabbit has learned that if she rattles her cage beside my head I will get up to feed her to shut her up, which causes her to rattle the cage more, unless that was Mella doing that). I'm having food with people tonight, so another full meal, and hopefully my stomach will expand to a reasonable size again. I told my counselor that food and sleep were my priorities this week, and he agreed that pretty much made sense (totally by his facial expressions, not some weird formal counselor-language. I seriously love this guy).

And apparently I'm kind of back to journalling. It's pretty damn good right now. You'll no doubt hear when it's not.
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The Politics of Food: A Bite Size Course

Eating is a political act. Find out how the food on your plate can affect a farmer half a world away. Through field trips, guest speakers, classroom presentations and discussions, students will explore the entire food system from table top to ground and back again. Covers local food issues and movements and the more complex global ones like genetically modified foods and seed monopolies. Examines the charity model and solutions oriented programs like fair trade to see if they really are fair. Students will leave with a basic understanding of the politics of food and 10 things they can do to strengthen the food system in their neighbourhood.

Warning: chocolate and coffee will be consumed!
The Politics of Food (HLTH 1376)4 wks Sa Jan 9, 16, 23, 30 9:00-13:00(16 hours) $399
Instructor: Spring Gillard (bio at

To register, call 604-443-8672. Quote: CRN # 10478 On-line registration should also be available by the end of November.
Under Health/Specialty – part-time courses: courses.cfm?area=CS_HEALTH&prog=HEALTHPD&crs=HLTH&numb=1376

Vancouver Community College
Broadway Campus
1155 East Broadway
Switchboard: 604.871.7000
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Garden additions:
-3 pawpaws: PA Golden, NC-1, and Sunflower.
-1 camellia sinensis (tea) that I didn't have before-- not a teabreeze, but with larger leaves
-1 rhododendron decorum from VanDusen gardens, huge and leggy. I am a sucker for fragrant rhodos.
-1 rhododendron 'cotton candy'. Did I mention that I'm a sucker for fragrant rhodos?
-Several leggy/interestingly shaped rhododendron intricatum for a bonsai birdbath installation I'm considering
-2 kaffir lime plants
-5 varieties of scented geranium: attar of roses, orange, fingerbowl lemon, peppermint lace, and Aardwick cinnamon
-1 viola odorata (cause why not?)
-2 'orchid cactus'
1 tattoo
1 day lost to sleep
1 brain, MIA after tattoo
I must buy myself some scented daylilies too. Also my garden is organised and I'm most of the way through Things Fall Apart which I highly recommend to anyone living.

Now to get lunch together for tomorrow's work. Sitting down is still kinda iffy.

Nice solid day spent napping while Angus played computer games. You know, I used to do that sort of thing all the itme; now it makes me feel vaguely guilty the whole time.
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Daymaker. As in, "my day is made." We have a performer lineup. Tickets are on sale. So looking forward to this.

Cuban, African, Brazilian, and the ever-present Celtic up there already... there'll be some fantastic dancing going on.

Come, if ya think you' like to. I'm camping.
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Brunch on Saturday the 31st, from ten or elevenish to four or five or sixish. Drop in, bring something to eat or a bottle of wine or fruit for a smoothie or a big hug and leave your psychic fingerprints on my awesome space to make it even more awesome.



Apr. 24th, 2008 05:13 pm
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Off the net till after the move. Not a probolem, given how much time I have. But:

Homework: think beyond media soundbites about the pine-beetle-killed forests having a big, bad carbon footprint and thus it being essential to cut them down asap to make biofuel. I don't have time to rant.
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MOVERS BOOKED FOR APR 29TH @ 5:00PM. This is for real! One or two people with a car would be welcome that evening if they wanted to help, but no pressure. I'm pretty sure my brother and my mom wouldn't mind helping, and that's two cars, and really it's just the rats I wanna move outside the truck.
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To shake off a case of morning waking-up-before-anyone-else-and-it's-lonely blues, I started looking around at arborist certification career paths and from thence ended up at the BC agricultural labour pool which is notable, among other things, for having jobs like "mink catcher" and "artificial insemination centre jobs". It's not helpful for what I'm looking for (that seems more like a yellow-pages dealie, alas, or I guess I could look in the trade publication (if you're interested in a career change, subscribe to the damn trade publication for the new job asap, it's fun and useful)) but damn, it's nice to know there's a place those jobs are advertised.

(I could totally go to St Louis, MO, in July for the international tree climbing championships. I'm sure they have smaller ones around here, too, come to think of it. Let's research: Ah, shows the regionals in New West, July 12th. In fact, pacific northwest chapter isa website is pretty damn useful too.

(There are also some
couple-day courses I may want to look into)

Z0MG, I almost forgot the phytoremediation lecture coming up! I really need to be more involved with the UBC botanical garden-- wish I'd started there instead of VanDusen all those years ago. As a start I should run down and become a member, and wander around a bit too.

There, that feels nice. I'm almost settled into this job, so it's important to keep the next steps on the horizon and to keep edging towards them; elsewise it's just stagnation.

Agroecology at UBC is a more academic route that could land me in the same place, as could the forestry program there, but while I've wanted to learn a lot of this stuff I'm not sure I can do the full-on academic thing without getting my hands dirty that it requires. This stuff is smaller steps at a time, and exciting therefore.
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In the beginning, the very beginning, I said: you're gonna break my heart someday, boy.

The title of this journal is watching the cycle: leaves to mulch to soil to leaves. It's because that's the only thing I can count on.

This week I talked to Eva about what-ifs, backup plans, and I tried to stay open and not close myself off to him in case I was wrong.

Last night I took the twenty up Victoria for 'a talk' that, when asked, he admitted I should have a friend around afterward for. I knew to ask that question. I was angry on the bus ride there, and I dreaded waiting for the bus because then I'd have to think. Luckily there was no wait.

He was upfront and straightforward. He made no excuses. He doesn't love me, he wishes he did, but he doesn't. He's not the sort of person who can continue on just like that even so, despite my many wonderful qualities. It's maybe the second time in my life someone's been so upfront about a breakup with me, and the first time was when I was thirteen. He held me, he cried, I cried. He said in the next couple weeks I could go to him for comfort if I needed. I said don't do this to me-- I didn't mean to say it, because he was being so good about it, but I had to, just in case it helped. He said he really wanted to be friends. I said when I get over the angry phase, I'm not there yet but I'll let you know when I get to it, so yes, comfort, but please could he not do this to me?

When I first came into the room he asked me what I meant when I said I loved him. I said no, just say what you need to say, and he did. Later I tried to put it into words: he's the shining thing that my life sudenly and inexplicably organised itself to hold up, rather than just curling and tumbling in an attempt to stay up with no particular focus. He is a reason for things. He is beautiful. He is... I don't know how to describe, it's a spiritual thing, he makes me ring. It's like a flower at the top of my head with a lacework all down my spine. Still when he smiled at me it gave me butterflies in my stomach.

He doesn't feel any comfort when I hold him in my arms. When he holds me, even now, even after that, it's still the best place ever to be.

It was seven months to the day from the date we had decided was the beginning. That was the day he came over to talk about rats, after the first family dinner where things sparked and Eva brought us together. We talked about rats for a long time, then things went silent and he looked up at me. I looked back. Eventually I went around behind him in the chair and bit his shoulders, and that was that. I took the day off work to see him get his tattoo and we went to the park and made out for hours, then hesitated before going to his place.

We waited to fuck for what seemed like forever, waiting for test results to come back (I do try to keep my STD tests up to date before the fact).

It was private. I called him babydoll, puppy, my love, sweetie, Mister, every pet name seemed to fit him. He called me ma'am and my tummy did bellyflops. I beat him with a cane for the first time and he liked it. I cried sometimes, after sex or during, because it was like god coming down. His body was built for mine-- ribcage fashioned to fit the length of my arm, his arms designed to curl around me just right to trigger all my safe feelings. His cock was exactly right. I loved the little bit of soft on his belly, the way it pooled out a little. I loved the flame tattoo on his arm, and the grapes. I loved the way he looked at me when I hurt him, his eyes got so big and soft. They were usually blue eyes, with a ring in the middle the colour of his year. He's a redhead. I notice redheads more on the street now, and people dressed in construction-worker clothes.

I didn't write much about it and I regret that now because it will slip away, but at the same time I couldn't.

I don't regret the thing, because it was spring itself. I think I'll be okay. I didn't, on the way to his house; I thought of bridges and knives. I don't do that, it's not my style. When I was there, though, the network kicked in. I thought of the people waiting for me-- Mom, my brother, Eva, Bob, and the web caught me, and I couldn't just lie down and roll over.

On the way home it was a feeling of unreality, like the last seven months had been a little miracle. They're over, sure, and I'm back to my regular programming.

I wanted to have his babies. I wanted to marry him. I wanted to do all those silly things, carve his name into my flesh, you know?

I don't really know what to do now. I still want a job that I can have children in. If men are fickle, dammit, I still want to raise a child. I have work - retail today, which may be awful but better than an empty day. It's the second-last shift, and 10-8, which is long. Then there's dinner with Eva and/or karaoke. Ryan was home last night. He held me, which felt weird -- he's so tiny compared. He let me talk, and he talked, and it was diverting. That was important. Diversion.

When people said they love me to that last post-- thank you, it helped. Sympathy would be a problem for me right now though. Love, yes. Caring, yes. Sympathy, no.

I'm a bit of a mess. I hate spring.

I never showed him Secretary, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

We never had sex in public.

When he was really sick I used to hold him and he'd feel better, but later on he wanted space to deal with it. A sign, I guess. He woke up at the same time as me, in the mornings. At night he'd tell me he was going to stay up, then fall asleep. Id' poke him and he'd sit up sleepily, trying to look alert, and say, 'I wasn't asleep'. Everything he did was adorable, odd on a six-foot-something construction worker.

He _was_ my springtime. When it snowed he'd get up, all excited, and put on his clothes and go out into it. It's snowed a lot this winter, and after awhile I started to smile too when it snowed. There's more to say, perhaps -- he was in Vegas for New Years, and I still have the message saved on my phone that says he wants me to be his forever. I want to save that message, but I don't want to listen to it for awhile.

His hair is still wrapped around the ring of my black collar.

His hands were much bigger than mine, a full joint plus some. Something about his cheekbones and lips was a song, a poem. I look at him all the time, even after seven months, just for the sheer pleasure I took in it. He does his best, he feels guilty a lot of the time over not living up to his personal standards which are high, sometimes unrealistic. He tried really hard in this, and he tries really hard generally to be a good person.

I don't know. This morning before work will be long.

I've done this to other people. Jan, I remember you didn't say much. I know why now. I'm sorry. I am so sorry.
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When: Friday, February 22 at 6pm
Where: Unitarian Church of Vancouver, Hewitt Hall, 949 West 49th Avenue (at Oak Street)
Advance Tickets: $20 ($25 at the door) Phone 604-730-0450 (Toll-free 1-888-730-0452)

USC Canada and FarmFolk/CityFolk present a preview excerpt of David Springbett's new film,

Hijacked Future

Join us for a delicious Dinner, Film, and Expert Panel: David Springbett (Producer/Director, Ashnan Films), Brian McFarlane (USC Canada), Heather Pritchard (FarmFolk/CityFolk), Patrick Steiner (Stellar Seeds) and Marti Martin-Wood (Two Wings Farm).

"It's 7 am: Do you know where your toast came from? Eating breakfast toast: a simple ritual to start the day. The bread probably came from a bakery or grocery store, but beyond that who knows where the wheat came from never mind the seeds that grew the wheat. Do we need to know? A new documentary, "Hijacked Future" says yes, because those seeds that became the toast you ate this morning are being hijacked - right into a looming world food security catastrophe."
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Spirit of the West
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC
Fri, 03/14/08


Dec. 12th, 2007 01:33 pm
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Mom's taking the family to go see Delhi 2 Dublin tomorrow evening, I'm excited. She went to the vancouver symphony orchestra and was totally bored, so she's looking forward to something more lively.

Our family, for Christmas, basically just does something all together-- no presents or anything, just something interesting. Sometimes it's a dinner or a gathering, sometimes snowboarding or something. This may be our Christmas.

My mom is awesome.
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The Vancouver Food Policy Council will is running workshops on the Vancouver Food Charter in a neighbourhood near you. The workshops will go through what the food charter is and how to apply it in your community to effect change.

November 2007 -January 2008. Free. Workshops: Using the Vancouver Food Charter in your Neighbourhood. Vancouver Food Policy Council. Various dates/locations.

Barbara Joughin and Trish Kelly from the Vancouver Food Policy Council are offering a series of free interactive workshops on exploring ways that citizens can use the Vancouver Food Charter to help create a just and sustainable food system, starting with their own neighbourhoods. Connect with other people and groups, and put your ideas into action

Pre-register for child-minding.

Wednesday January 23rd, 2008, 7:00 – 9:00 pm,
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (800 East Broadway, Vancouver)
In partnership with Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Wednesday January 30th, 2008, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Kits Neighbourhood House (2325 7th Avenue West)
In partnership with the Westside Food Security Collaborative
For More Information contact: Trish Kelly I 604.879.1386 I


Nov. 11th, 2007 07:44 am
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Rackin' up the posts, aren't I?

Topping Without Tools: Leaving the toy bags at home

Presented by River Light

The mind, body and voice are the most basic and yet most powerful tools for sadism, domination, and passion. In this workshop I cover psychological/emotional topping, and physical topping, without the use of a toy bag. A wide variety of topics will be covered including: bodylanguage; the psychology of power dynamics; setting the scene; creating vulnerability; taking control of the head; hands, teeth and voice; slapping, punching, hitting and kicking; and more.
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Okay, enough with poems and links for now. I'll make an actual, real appearance.


Baby Gabriel, in the boys' cage, is busily trying to beat up Sky, who's 846984657846 times his size and is totally ignoring him. It's cute. The page is roughed out, but not done. It does have pretty pictures though!

Ratty distractions aside, I've been pretty busy lately. I'm househunting semi-seriously, I'm trying to make up for vacation time at work, and there's a bunch of stuff coming up, like a rattery open house and a rat show, that needs prepwork. Together with my newly-rediscovered love of sleep, this fills up a lot of my time, and sex takes up whatever's left after that. There's startlingly little of the latter.

I'm on an even keel again (quick, who out there knows what a keel is? This is another example of silly metaphor, even though many of you do sail) and have been for a day or two. It's good. Stuff with Bob is sorted (I'm getting my own place, we're keeping the relationship), stuff with Juggler's settled down a bit, I've spent a bit of time with friends and avoiding heavy social crowd-things, it's good. I've been eating decently. I have groceries.

I still miss Greensinger a bit. Did I mention how good it was to see someone with relatively similar philosophical positions, but from a different cultural background? There are so many things I want to show him, to show off, I suppose. My friends and I, we made this loosely communal urban culture of KMM and Family Dinners and shared meals and swapped keys to houses and Free Hug Day and all these things that are very important, they make a community out of the city and work towards a sustainable cultural model. I want someone to see it and appreciate it, but of course here's the month or two where I'm retreating from it a bit and leaning on it a bit and not actively involved as much. Oh well.

Permaculturalists are marvellous things.

Did I mention that Angus pulled out a permaculture book one time and showed it to me and said, 'my Grandpa gave this to me, I thought you should see it'? Can't write that kid off as only a pretty face, I tell ya.

Thursday at work I hauled stone, shovelled sand, and pickaxed tree roots and gravel loose for variety. That's what really snapped me out of my thing. Can't feel bad after a day like this. Then there was rat-cage-cleaning, it was a very full day indeed, and bed was ever-so-welcome. The new babies at Lizzy's are adorable, all thirty-three of them. Erin, one of the mamas, is daughter of my Lightning. Lightning, by the way, isn't doing so well, and I'm worried for her. Cross your fingers. How did I end up talking about rats again?

I'm more-or-less decided to take some parkour classes. It seems like a nicer thing than climbing because it's all /right there/ to practice on- the city, I mean. I wish the classes weren't in West Van, but them's the breaks. I'd like to learn to use my body more spontaneously. When I climb, I'm a very slow and thoughtful climber. I don't fall often, and I think things through first. I want to develop my physical intuition, and that will require experience with my body at high speeds. So. It's also pretty inexpensive.

I'm finally listening to music other than Devendra Banhart for a change. Some Doors are getting play today.

I think a lot of the recent weirdness was a commitment-fit on my part. That seems to happen after a breakup, and also in a relationship when it hits the omg-this-may-actually-stick-around-awhile point. I sort of freak out and try to prove that nothing will stay around me by pushing everyone away. So yeah, enough of that, self.

It's time to reinvoke thankyou lists on here. I've been too whiny for myself to stomach lately, whether or not my dear readers like the angst.

The sunlight is the most wonderful part of today. It heats my skin like a physical touch, through clothing and on bare skin, and it gives my flesh that lovely dusty scent that sunshine does.
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I love thinking about the place I'm going to live. It gives me such joy to picture a place where the only things inside the walls are mine. I can have a room empty of all furniture except pillows if I want it. I can pile friends three deep on the floor to sleep after parties if I want, or kick everyone out. I can give a key to a friend and say, 'come over anytime you want'. I may even be able to drum without fear of waking anyone, depending on where I end up. I can have sex on the kitchen counter. I can nap on the livingroom floor. I can put my drum somewhere close to hand and it will be safe until I want it.

I'm done bleeding for now.

So there.


Aug. 12th, 2007 11:20 pm
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I'm wearing the necklace again. It felt right. I saw my second falling star tonight. My Uncle Dave is in town.


Aug. 8th, 2007 07:30 pm
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My right eye is bleeding or something. If it doesn't stop by tomorrow, I am braving the doctor's office. Bah, here I was congratulating myself on having a normal body.

You know, just when I start taking myself too seriously, something like this happens, and also my friends sit around being pure awesome at me, and I hang in there. So while I can get it out quick, in one breath with that:

Juggler + Greenstorm
Rest In Peace
March 2003 - August 2007.

The Juggler: May 28, 2003:
No, I don't deserve three of them. I in no way, ever, in any sense come close to deserving anything I've got. I'm greedy for the world, though, for all it's complexity and all these amazing unbelievably beautiful people in it and somehow I'm getting a pretty big slice. If there's anything that makes me deserve it, it's the fact that I'm willing to do almost anything to extend my reach just a few more inches to capture something I see dangling there available but just outside my grasp.

But, The Juggler. This is the most recent of the three (something on the order of weeks depending on how you set the date, compared to six years and two years-ish respectively) and he's currently something of an obsession for me. He has this ability to listen to what I'm saying which is what led me to staying up till six in the morning for pretty much the last two weeks -- just talking, just my thirst to talk, or at least mostly. He juggles, he makes armour and tesla coils in his spare time, he codes, he's willing to talk to me about plants. If the Exotic has the body and face of an angel, he has the archetypical form of a Real Person,(details later. I'll start on the legs) and he has this hair... well, they all have this hair, to be honest. I expect he'll get a lot of wordspace on here in the next little bit because he's so new.


Aug. 7th, 2007 11:34 pm
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Alright. It sucks, but it definitely sucks more the other way.

I am so sorry.


Jul. 25th, 2007 07:10 am
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Last night was wonderful. Creme brulee (done with an oxyacetelyne torch), awesome people, biting, homemade tortilla chips, chocolate mango fondue, snuggling, chello&guitar playing, The Return Of Angus, baby rats, etc. So good.

So tired this morning. Woken by cat at three-hour intervals. Going to work now.
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Good morning.

It's so quiet; that grey, drizzly light seems to dampen sound. No one's up except my rats and I here, though there is a steady stream of cars passing, one by one, on the street outside my open window. This is morning, this is the time that is usually mine because no one else is up to see it. When I'm lonely I complain about it. Right now I revel.

I knew I was going to be tired at the end of this week, and look, I was. My throat got scratchy yesterday as Juggler and I were hunting out motorcycle gear that would fit me (I do not have an off-the-shelf body). I went home, ignored the rat cages that needed cleaning, drank miso soup and tea, and slept off my fever for a miraculous eight-and-a-half hours. I'm not sure I can go lie back in bed without eating breakfast.

The farmer's market was wonderful yesterday as always. It came with an extra-wonderful surprise: there was a man there who makes a living from wildcrafting mushrooms and seaweed, and selling them. I'm trying to offer him a week or a couple days' worth of work in exchange for room, board, and learning. This is one of those chances to learn something I've always wanted to learn, since I was six or eight, and I am going to take it if there's any way to do so. He lives on the island, which makes the whole thing less than simple. He will next be at the market on August 11th.

I got the whole eggs, cheese, potatoes, veggies thing too. I'm planning on making potato salad for next week's lunches. Mmmmrr. I love making lunches for myself now, I get such good food out of it and a selse of self-sufficiency. I don't think restaurant food could fuel me through what I'm doing.

My rat-babies are growing so quickly that my head is spinning. They're all furred, acting like little rats, though their eyes aren't open. I really need to clean the cages today, I was so tired yesterday. Then there's Drive Fest, making lunch for tomorrow, cleaning up a little bit, laundry... it makes me tired just to think of it, honestly. I've got a bunch of building to do in the next couple of weeks, with work, so that my body gets used to that level of work. I'm going to be pretty tired until that's happened.

It's been an odd weekend people-wise. I haven't really gone anywhere or done anything: CrazyChris and Tim I saw in passing, Juggler and I hung out, Bob and I cuddled a bit. One of the people I work with said that's the thing about working outdoors, I become a homebody. I wonder if that will be true for me? It was this weekend.

I scored some incredible bamboo at one of the clients' places. I've got long and short lengths, and I will make flogger handles and walking sticks from it. It's sort of got a vaguely buddha-belly look to it; it may actually *be* buddha-belly, because it's a clumper. I should grab myself a start of it next time I'm there.

This job is gonna fill up my garden fast. I brought some alchemilla (lady's mantle) home, as you see in this picture it's a supremely beautiful rainy-weather plant. They used to believe it was magic, because it collected dew. It's also super-common, and it's about time I had it.

I think I'll try some food and crawling back to bed for an hour or two before I hurry through morning housecleaning. Be well, enjoy the weather, I may just see you at Drivefest.


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